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Our licensed and experienced professionals are dedicated to providing you with timely and quality services in Fresno. Whether you need one-off services or want to develop an ongoing maintenance plan, we deliver the best quality services suiting your business needs and budget. At Fresno Deck and Fence we offer a variety of high-quality fencing styles that fulfill your residential fencing needs. We can help you choose the layout and material of your residential fence, which suits the architecture of your home.

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Fresno Fence and deck is here to help you in your business and domestic Fence Repairs service goals. We will do our best to help you save money when assisting you to come up with the best decisions concerning your Pool Deck Repairs needs.

For all of your residential or commercial fence maintenance or replacement needs, look no further than the Fresno, CA fencing contractors of Fresno Deck And Fence. We offer fast, dependable service from technicians who truly care. Let us provide fencing that matches your specific requirements and budget by contacting us today for an appointment.

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If you live in California fence repair is inevitable. When it comes time for fence repair where do you turn? There are so many fence contractors that claim to be experts and some of these so called experts will waste your time trying to sell you a new fence when all you may need is a fence repair. 

If you have a leaning fence it may be because the post was not originally cemented in to the ground deep enough. If you have a couple of panels fence panels laying on the ground doesn’t mean you need a whole new fence. It may be that you have a rotted fence post. Maybe your sagging gate is not shutting properly. 

This may just be an adjustment that is needed. Regardless what your situation is we are there to help you to save money by repairing your fence instead of spending thousands for new. We have years of experience under our belts to assure that you will get a quality job at an affordable price and can usually complete the job in less than a day.