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Our team of industry leaders has many years of experience building custom outdoor decks and fencing solutions for Fresno and the greater surrounding areas of Fresno. Our custom built fencing and decking is constructed to provide you with years of enjoyment and service. We offer: Custom Craftsmanship Unbeatable Strength Quality Construction

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When it comes to Deck repair and building decks Fresno Deck and Fence is your complete source for all you custom deck needs. From the latest composite materials to traditional woods, we can create a deck that encompasses your personal taste and budget. We believe every deck no matter the size or budget is deserving of the finest craftmanship available. It’s not just another project, it’s your project.

If you are planning to install a deck or patio in your property then you have reached the right place. We at Fresno Fence and Decks offer professional services for designing and installing various types of residential decks including balcony decks and patio decks etc. Fresno Deck and Fence prides itself on never marking up materials and we provide full disclosure every step of the way. 

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Residential and Residential Fencing

Our licensed and experienced professionals are dedicated to providing you with timely and quality services in Fresno. Whether you need one-off services or want to develop an ongoing maintenance plan, we deliver the best quality services suiting your business needs and budget. At Fresno Deck and Fence we offer a variety of high-quality fencing styles that fulfill your residential fencing needs. We can help you choose the layout and material of your residential fence, which suits the architecture of your home.

Selecting the right deck for your home…

Decks come in many different types and sizes and every style may not be suited for your particular home. To reduce the level of frustration that can come with any home improvement project, make sure to hire a company that has experience in building different deck styles, sizes and takes safety as one of the main considerations in creating the perfect deck design for your home.

Homeowners put up fences for a variety of reasons…

The main purpose of putting up a fence around your home is generally to keep stuff out of your yard or keep stuff from getting out. Whatever your reason, there are many options to choose from when deciding what type of fence you want. A couple of things to consider other than appearance, would be durability, maintenance, privacy and/or security

Deck Builder Fresno

The style of deck you will decide to have built will typically be based on several things from the type of home you have and space available to you personal preferences and taste. The good news is the different styles of decks and customizations that can be applied allow for a wide range of options.

Platform Deck 

A platform deck is built low to the ground and works great for a yard that is flat and level. Since the deck is low to the ground, you may not need handrails or stairs. These decks are generally safer than other deck styles. The downside is unless your property is level, you may have to invest in ground fill to even out the area. Some features like decorative walls or railings are generally not part of this type of deck. 

Privacy Deck 

Any deck can be built into a privacy deck, however, those that are referred specifically as privacy decks typically feature walls that provide protection from outside visitors, weather or prying eyes on 2 or more sides. The amount of privacy or protection depends on the the type of wall or walls that can be anything from a simple wooden screen to a brick wall. A privacy deck can be built in any size. 

Loft Deck 

This is a deck that has been elevated above the ground so that you can gain access to the house or deck from the second floor. The area beneath the loft area can be either open or enclosed. 

Multilevel Deck 

A multilevel deck can feature deck sections of various heights. This is a great option when building a deck on a slope. The defining characteristic of a multilevel deck is that all the levels fit together to form a single entity. A multilevel deck can have two levels, three or more. The levels can be connected by just a few steps, a stairway or even a sloping ramp. A large area could be where you place the patio furniture a table, a grill or even add an outdoor kitchen. An addition of a small level could be built for relaxation and away from the main area. A gazebo big enough for two built on another level will allow protection from the weather and added privacy. Create a unique appearance by using different building materials or colors for each level. The possibilities are endless when you start thinking of multiple deck levels.